Reflections on the death of Robin Williams

"You sit down to dinner, and life as you know it ends," writes Joan Didion in her book The Year of Magical Thinking. She captures what feels most punishing and cruel about our existence: that it might end without notice...[Read more]

A Reflection from Summer Witnessing Campaign

Laura Barron shares her reflection after participating in the annual New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign. Click here to go the video or click the image above to play on this page.

Andrew Barron Radio Interview

Our Canadian Director, Andrew Barron, was interviewed on a Moody Bible Institute radio program. Each June at Moody, Andrew teaches a course on Jewish history, culture, and evangelism to new Summer Witnessing Campaigners. Click here to hear the radio interview.

That Jew Died for You

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Notice: Address Change!

Please note that our Toronto Branch has moved! Please visit our Contact Us page to get the new address of our Canadian Headquarters.

Laura Barron Journey of Faith

Jews for Jesus Celebrates 40 Years of Ministry

Forty years ago, a movement of God’s Holy Spirit was sweeping this nation. TIME Magazine dubbed it "the Jesus Revolution"...[Read more]

Israel Documentary

Watch the trailer of our documentary, "Flowers of the Son", an emotionally gripping real-life look at the struggle to stand for Jesus in Israel.

Online Video Testimonies

Check out our video interface and videos we have organized by category including a new series called Journeys of Faith.

Watch videos and read stories of college students who have found a meaningful and true experience of God through Jesus the Jewish Messiah: visit

Our Canadian Director shares, at a 2008 Gideon's Conference in St. John's Newfoundland, how he went from a space scientist and engineer to a Jew for Jesus. More...

Resources for Jewish/Gentile Couples is a budding ministry website, and we hope it will be a great resource for Jewish/Gentile couples seeking spiritual harmony in their relationships.

Is There Hope for Peace?

Is there hope for peace? A Reflection from Tel Aviv by Dan Sered, our Israeli Branch Director.

Jews for Jesus on Listen Up TV

With the current the Middle East conflict, a resolution and true peace seem once again elusive. Hear Andrew Barron talk about the Prince of Peace and that the only hope for peace was born in the Middle East on Listen Up TV’s program “The Price of Peace in the Middle East” (viewable online).

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If Jesus is the Messiah, why...

Why all the suffering in the world? Why isn't there real and lasting peace?

There is an answer for each of these questions, if you re ready to hear it. Click here to find out.


Messianic claims of Jesus

Is Jesus the promised Messiah, the holy one of Israel, the anointed one of God?

The surest proof that we can offer you is in the prophecies of the Jewish Bible concerning the Messiah. The following texts have been recognized as messianic by rabbis and scholars. Click here to read more.